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About Old Soul Social Media Design

A decade of exceptional support
for small businesses
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Throughout my career, I've taken on different positions all in order to help others. My first passion was journalism, and while I took a detour toward Psychology and mental health, it still has helped me understand motivation and desire. Eventually, I landed in the wonderful world of Social Media Marketing, and I adore the ability to use creative means to reach out to others and make their day.


I use a variety of programs to organize and reach my client's audience; Google Suite, Hootsuite, SkedSocial, Tailwind, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Wix, WordPress, Trello, Asana, and Air Table to mention a few.

I use Canva exclusively for my graphic content, in addition to video editing software. Through studying trends and competitor research, I design a strategy that's the most effective for my client's budget. 

I am patient, efficient, organized, and goal-oriented. I am creative, friendly, and a team player. I have excellent spelling, grammar, and language skills. I'm big on communication and would prefer that all expectations are discussed up front and evaluated on a regular basis. I understand that your time is valuable and am fine with Zoom meetings and emails instead of phone calls. 

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